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Devika Partiman (1988) is a social activist and organizer. In 2017, she started ‘Stem op een Vrouw’ (Vote for a Woman), a foundation that enhances the amount of women elected (and candidating themselves) in The Netherlands. This foundation has since gotten dozens of extra women elected, all through calling on voters to use their preferential votes. And the foundation is continuing to give female politicians a bigger stage.

Next to her work in the intersectional women’s movement, she is a board member at ‘Nederland Wordt Beter’, a foundation that focusses on education on Dutch colonial history. The foundation is well knows for project ‘Zwarte Piet is Racisme’.

Originally, Partiman is schooled an an event producer, and started her career producing music festivals and band competitions. She is also a program maker for inclusive events, and supports young women in growing professional skills and confidence.

A recurrent theme in her work is idendifying the flaws in our democracies, and finding practical solutions. Partiman is a trained speaker and consultant on topics like women at work, emancipation, inclusion and political change.